[Project] Children's Literature Reading Project

During my blog-walking last week, I found this very interesting project called Children's Literature Reading Project. I love children's literature. I think reading them while I was a kid gave me the courage to face the things that I'm afraid of. I still remember some of my favorite story when I was a kid, taken from a collection of short stories. And during my time as a teenager until now (early 20), sometimes I recollect what I've learnt from those stories to get through my bad days. And in order to honor those books and short stories that have helped me, I'm gonna modified this project a little bit.
So this is the original rules:
  1. Put the CLRP button above on the sidebar of your blog (you can just copy the image from this blog).
  2. Make your own criteria of children's literature. You may refer to any source, but it has to be children, young adults are not accepted.
  3. Make a list of children's book you want to read in the following 3(three) years. You may start from 10, 15, 25, 50, or as many as you can manage. You can always change your list, just set your own goal. After that, don't forget to put your link in the link tool below.
  4. Your list is your guide. Every time you finish your book, make a review then put the link on your book list, so you can control your pace. There are no specific format or rules for the reviews.
  5. You can make annual on 6-months progress post, just to make sure that everything is running well. And then, put your progress post in the provided link tool.

Instead of just reading children's books, I'm going to read the collection of short stories that I've mentioned before. To add more fun, and more books to read (of course), I'm going to simplify some of the children's books so I will only review the whole series. I will do this only for those less-than-100-pages books.

Timeline: 2/2/2015 - 2/2/2018
Total books: 40
Total series: 5
Total collection of short stories: 5
List that I'm using: 1 and 2

Update progress children's literature reading project can be seen HERE


  1. Hai, selamat bernostalgia dengan buku anaknya ya :)


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