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[Review] Marie Lu - Legend

Title: Legend (Goodreads)
Series: Legend #1
Author: Marie Lu
Publisher: Putnam Juvenile
Published: November 2011
ISBN13: 9780399256752
Pages: 305
Rating: 4/5 stars
Format: ebook
Start: 22 May 2015
Finish: 26 May 2015

What was once the western United States is now home to the Republic, a nation perpetually at war with its neighbors. Born into an elite family in one of the Republic's wealthiest districts, fifteen-year-old June is a prodigy being groomed for success in the Republic's highest military circles. Born into the slums, fifteen-year-old Day is the country's most wanted criminal. But his motives may not be as malicious as they seem.
From very different worlds, June and Day have no reason to cross paths - until the day June's brother, Metias, is murdered and Day becomes the prime suspect. Caught in the ultimate game of cat and mouse, Day is in a race for his family's survival, while June seeks to avenge Metias's death. But in a shocking turn of e…

[Review] Gillian Flynn - Gone Girl

Title: Gone Girl (Goodreads)
Author: Gillian Flynn
Publisher: Crown Publishers
Published: May 2012
ISBN: 9780553419085
Pages: 560
Rating: 3.5/5 stars
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Start: 9 May 2015
Finish: 21 May 2015

On a warm summer morning in North Carthage, Missouri, it is Nick and Amy Dunne's fifth wedding anniversary. Presents are being wrapped and plans are being made when Nick's clever and beautiful wife disappears. As the police begin to investigate, the town golden boy parades a series of lies, deceits, and inappropriate behavior. Nick is oddly evasive, and he's definitely bitter - but is he really a killer?

[Review] Luna Torashyngu - Golden Bird: Alpha

Judul: Golden Bird: Alpha (Goodreads)
Series: Beauty and the Best #4
Pengarang: Luna Torashyngu
Penerbit: PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama
ISBN: 9789792287299
Tahun: Februari 2013 (Cetakan 2)
Rating: 4/5 stars
Format: Paperback
Mulai: 1 May 2015
Selesai: 1 May 2015

[Review] V.E. Schwab - Vicious

Title: Vicious (Goodreads)
Author: V.E. Schwab
Publisher: Tor Books
Published: September 2013
ISBN13: 9780765335340
Pages: 364
Rating: 5/5 stars
Format: ebook
Start: 25 April 2015
Finish: 27 April 2015

Victor and Eli started out as college roommates - brilliant, arrogant, lonely boys who recognized the same sharpness and ambition in each other. In their senior year, a shared research interest in adrenaline, near-death experiences, and seemingly supernatural events reveals an intriguing possibility: that under the right conditions, someone could develop extraordinary abilities.
But when their thesis moves from the academic to the experimental, things go horribly wrong. Ten years later, Victor breaks out of prison, determined to catch up to his old friend. Meanwhile, Eli is on a mission to eradicate every other super-powered person that he can find. Armed with terrible power on both sides, driven by the memory of betrayal and loss, the archnemeses have set a course for revenge…

[Review] Cathy Bramley - Conditional Love

Title: Conditional Love (Goodreads)
Author: Cathy Bramley
Published: October 2013
ISBN13: 9781490923765
Pages: 366
Rating: 4/5 stars
Format: ebook
Start: 21 April 2015
Finish: 25 April 2015

Sophie Stone, thirty-something serial procrastinator, lover of Take That, Tesco knickers and tea with two sugars, rarely steps out of her comfort zone. So when an unexpected inheritance from a great aunt she's never met forces her to meet her father, it threatens the very foundations of Sophie's world. 
What did the old lady want her to discover? Was there more to her parents' break up than she was lead to believe? Sophie will have to face some startling home truths before she can finally build a future on her own terms.

May Wrap Up & June TBR

May 2015 Wrap Up

May was a pretty crazy month for me. I spent so much time doing errands or planning another errands. It was so hectic. So unfortunately I only managed to finish 4 books and adding 1 book on my currently reading shelf. Here are the books that I managed to finish on May: Luna Torashyngu - Golden Bird: AlphaGillian Flynn - Gone GirlMarie Lu - LegendMarie Lu - Prodigy