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[Project] TBR

There's a new project I'd like to tell you that I'm currently working on. It all started when I saw a video series from Booksandlala called the Book Closet Unhaul. Basically she will watch a book haul that she made 2 years earlier and then count how many of those books that she has read, unhauled, or still haven't read a.k.a her TBR books.

All of the books that she haven't read will become a part of her TBR for the next month. If she managed to read them, then she will keep it. But if she didn't, she will unhauled it the next month. There's some other rules that she apply but I think you already get the point of what I'm going to do now.

Basically, I'm going to count how many books that I bought and still haven't read from 2015 (the year that I started blogging) until now (17). Then I'll make them my 'main' TBR for the year. I still haven't come up with a decision of what will I do if I didn't managed to read all of them this…

May 2017 Book Haul & Wrap Up

Happy Ramadhan for those of you who celebrate!!! Hopefully this holy month brings peace and enlightenment for all of us :D

Maybe because of Ramadhan, or maybe because of other reasons, I managed to finish 10 books this month. Even though I'm still unable to control my book-buying habit, at least it's pretty manageable this time.

May 2017 Book Haul
On a very weird occasion that I checked Books & Beyond website, I came across this book for only IDR 40K. I've been seeing this book around Booktube as well as on Instagram, so without any further ado I ordered it.

And... to add more 'happiness' in my life, Gramedia had its 30% off deal again. And this time, it is applicable for non-Gramedia's Group publisher books. So of course I had to make use of this deal very well. I bought 4 books, 1 one of them I finished reading this month.

Complete list: 1. Sarah Crossan - One 2. Windry Ramadhina - Glaze: Galeri Patah Hati Kara & Kalle 3. Yoana Dianika, dkk - Indonesia Be…