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March 2017 Book Haul & Wrap Up

Hi there! Another month has started and I'm VERY excited! There will be some holiday and 'more' because I'm taking my annual leave this month. And there will be BBW 2017 as well! Hopefully I can save enough money this month so I can buy many many books there :D

March 2017 Book Haul
Even though I'm planning to save money for BBW next month, I still can't help myself to buy some books last month. One of them is actually a pretty good purchase as well, because it's pretty cheap even though they're used.

The one that I'm talking about is Bumi Manusia by Pramoedya Ananta Toer. Unfortunately, I can't say the same about Rumah Cokelat or Magical Seira #1 because they're not exactly in perfect shapes. The rest of them is new so there's no problem whatsoever. They came faster than my previous order in, though, so every thing's good :)

Sitta Karina - Rumah CokelatSitta Karina - Magical Seira #1 - Seira and the Legend of MadrivaFrance…