March - April Wrap Up & May TBR

Good morning everyone!
Today I'm going to share some books that I bought and read in the last 2 months, as well as my TBR for May 2015. Since this is going to be a pretty long post, I'm just gonna get started now.

March 2015 Book Haul

After buying quite a lot of books on January and February, I managed to slow down my buying habits this month. On March 2015, I only buy 2 books from when they have a sale, and also Litbox, for both Blended and Brewed packages. I got the first package on March while Litbox came on April.
Because I spent a lot of time at home, I managed to finish quite a lot of books these 2 months. I have to admit that joining 13 Days Child Literature & YA Reading Challenges that was a part of BBI 4th anniversary is a very good thing that helped me to read a lot of books. I didn't read as much as I thought I would, but it was okay because I finished reading Cathy Hopkins' Mates, Dates series that I owned. All 7 books of them *pat myself in the back*

Besides 13 Days CLYA reading challenge, I also managed to finish Read Your Name! reading challenge that I join in Goodreads this month. Just in time to meet the deadline that I set for myself. Some books caught me off guard while the rest of the books are okay. 

Here are the books that I've read for the past 2 months, along with the review of the books if I made them:
  1. Luna Torashyngu - Beauty and the Best
  2. Luna Torashyngu - Best of the Best
  3. Luna Torashyngu - Golden Bird
  4. Alexia Praks - Falling for Sakura
  5. Allison Pearson - I Don't Know How She Does It
  6. AR Arisandi - XX
  7. Linda Christanty - Rahasia Selma
  8. E. Lockhart - Fly on the Wall
  9. Cathy Hopkins - Mates, Dates and Inflatable Bras
  10. Cathy Hopkins - Mates, Dates and Cosmic Kisses
  11. Cathy Hopkins - Mates, Dates and Portobello Princesses
  12. Cathy Hopkins - Mates, Dates and Sleepover Secrets
  13. Cathy Hopkins - Mates, Dates and Sole Survivors
  14. Windhy Puspitadewi - Morning Light
  15. Cathy Hopkins - Mates, Dates and Pulling Power
  16. Cathy Hopkins - Mates, Dates and Mad Mistakes
  17. Aimee Bender - An Invisible Sign of My Own
  18. Nurilla Iryani - Dear Friend with Love
  19. Angela S. Choi - Hello Kitty Must Die
  20. Veronica Roth - Divergent
  21. Veronica Roth - Insurgent
  22. Veronica Roth - Allegiant
  23. Veronica Roth - Four
  24. Icha Ayu - Distance
  25. Cathy Bramley - Conditional Love
  26. V.E. Schwab - Vicious
Throughout March and April, I found a very weird book that made me nauseous, An Invisible Sign of My Own. I also finally pick up the Divergent series that I enjoy so much. And the most important thing is that I read Vicious, which so far is the best book that I've read this year. It was just SO good. I'm going to recommend this book to everyone. Really.

Reading Challenges Progress (April 2015)
I didn't do this progress thingy on early March because I already made the page that contains all of it. But I think it's important for me to list the reading challenges that I join thoroughly so I didn't almost-missed the deadline like I do on April.
  1. "Aku Cinta Kamu" Reading Challenge
    January-February: 2 Metropop, 1 Teenlit, 1 Amore
    March-April: 3 Teenlit, 1 Metropop
    Total: 8 books (3 Metropop, 4 Teenlit, 1 Amore)
  2. Children's Literature Reading Project
    January-February: 1 book, Magic Tree House series #27
    March-April: Magic Tree House series #34
    Total: 1 book, Magic Tree House series #34
  3. 2015 Women Challenge
    January-February: 8 Indonesian, 4 English
    March-April: 4 Indonesian, 9 English
    Total: 12 Indonesian language, 13 English language
  4. 2015 Reading Challenge
    January-February: 6 categories
    March-April: 5 categories
    Total: 11 categories
  5. Count the Pages 2015
    January-February: 5129 pages
    March-April: 7049 pages
    Total: 12178 pages
  6. Read Your Name!
    January-February: 1 book
    March-April: 5 books
    Total: 6 books FINISHED
  7. Read the Group Name
    January-February: 3 books
    March-April: 9 book
    Total: 12 books
  8. Fairy Tale Challenge
    January-February: 2 categories
    March-April: 8 categories
    Total: 10 categories
  9. New Authors Reading Challenge
    January-February: 13 authors
    March-April: 10 authors
    Total: 23 authors
  10. 13 Days Reading CLYA
    Read: 8 books
    Submit: 1 book FINISHED

May 2015 TBR
For 4 months I've never posted any TBR post because I like to be spontaneous about the book I'm going to read next. "That was the purpose of the reading challenges that I join", I thought to myself earlier this year. To have a goal but not having a goal at the same time. But then after reading some paperbacks that I owned or picking some e-books that resulted in 2 or 3 stars, I just didn't want to do it anymore. 

After several considerations, I made a conclusion that I read too much contemporary novels. Not that it was a bad thing. But I'm such an omnivorous reader that I don't really enjoy reading 1 genre all the time. But the deal has been made and I have around 5 challenges that required certain books to be read. Most of them would consists of contemporary books. I'm not going to bail out on those challenges, that's just not me. So I'm just going to make it easier for myself, to fulfill those reading challenges but also making time to read another genre.

Books that I own and must read because I've read the previous books in the series:

Books that I have to read to fulfill my reading challenges:
Books that I can pick up if I wanted to:
I'm pretty sure I won't be able to read all of the books that I list above but it will be fun to know how much I can read within May. Now, how about you? What is your TBR this month?


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