[Series Review] Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead (2)

This is the second part of the Vampire Academy series that consists of: Blood Promise, Spirit Bound, and Last Sacrifice. After the horrific thing that happened in the previous books, I was so hesitant to pick the rest of the series up. I'm afraid of getting my heart broken again, so I took my time and then read it when I'm ready.

#4 Blood Promise
Start: 30 January 2016
Finish: 5 February 2016

This is another slow-beginning book in the series. There's some emotional scenes but not so many actions at the beginning. When things started to happen with Rose, it was actually more emotional scenes. I was so tired that when the actions started to happen, I didn't get hooked easily.
"Not at all. I'm saying there's a fire in you that drives everything you do, that makes you need to better the world and those you love. To stand up for those you can't. It's one of the wonderful things about you."
This is so far my least favorite book in the series. What happened to Rose in this book was so... mentally exhausting for me. I know that this is a fiction book but my mind has visualized the story vividly that I'm just... tired. So 4.5 out of 5 stars for this book.

#5 Spirit Bound
Start: 4 February 2016
Finish: 8 February 2016

I have to admit this: I've been forgetting what this book is about in the series. I have to re-read some of the chapters so I can fully get the whole story in this book.
The love we'd shared always burned within me, no matter how often I told myself to move on, no matter how much the world did think I'd moved on. He was always with me, always on my mind, always making me question myself.
So here's what I remember: I think this book consists of some actions as well as the slow nothing-is-happening scenes. I liked what happened in Rose's trials, even though there's a lot of slow moments right after that.
It's like I've been woken up from a dream. A nightmare. Like I've been watching someone else act through my body - like I was at a movie or a play. But it wasn't someone else. It was me. All of it was me, and now here I am, and the whole world has shifted. I feel like I'm relearning everything.
With the things that are happening between Rose and Dimitri... I think it was both annoying as well as weird. For me, at least. I was so close of giving this book 3.5 to 4 stars.
"I want you, Rose." He squeezed my hand more tightly. "I've always wanted you. I want to be with you. I'd like to be like other guys and say I want to take care of you too, but... well. When it comes down to it, you'd probably be the one taking care of me."
But then, that faithful ending come. I was so shocked and didn't know what to think or what to expect. I want to finish the last book right away but I know that's not possible. So... I basically bumped the ratings into 5 stars for the crazy cliffhanger ending like that.

#6 Last Sacrifice
Start: 9 February 2016
Finish: 14 February 2016

This is the book that I forgot the most. I tried to read some chapters sporadically and even though I remember the story, I can't remember how I feel about them. And that's just sad.
'Sometimes the greatest tests of our strength are situations that don't seem so obviously dangerous. Sometimes surviving is the hardest thing of all.'
Overall, the story are great. I was so curious of what will happen next, how things are going to get better, and so on. Things with Dimitri and Rose... well... I'm happy for them. I really do. But some scenes are just too weird for me, too rushed.
'You'll be alive,' he pointed out. 'That's what matters. Enjoy what you have, every little detail of wherever you are. Don't focus on where you aren't.'
I really liked the ending in this series. There's some loose ends but things are working out the way they're supposed to be. It's not necessarily a happy ending, but things are working out. And that's just how life is. So 5 out of 5 stars for this book :D


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