2016 Goals Refinement

Recently, it came to my attention that I've been behind on so many TV series that I used to love so much. Or not having a new music to listen to every few week. I didn't realize it until yesterday, how much time that I devoted for reading and reviewing book in this blog (ha!) that I lost my time to watch TV series or to browse a new music to listen to.

I'm not saying that reading and reviewing book is a bad thing. It's just not who I wanted to be, being a reader but not having another hobby, another things to do for enjoyment. Which is why I decided to change my goals a bit. Making a goal refinement, to be exact. So here they are:

  1. Lowering my goal of reading 100 books this year to 75.
  2. Lowering my goal of reading 40 new-to-me authors to 35.
  3. Lowering my goal of reading 5 new series to 3.
  4. Continuing my Children's Literature Reading Project that I've almost forgotten. Because I do need to refine my goals at that project as well. 
  5. Watch more TV series and browse more music.
Other than that, I do still have another goals that I'm pretty confident not going to interfere with my new goals. Here they are:
  • Read 20.000 pages.
  • Read 30 paperbacks that I already owned.
  • Making 6 reviews in a month.
So that's it, my new 2016 Goals that I'm hoping to accomplish within the rest of the year. Wish me luck!


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