2016 Reading Goals

Hi there!

I know that this is a pretty late post. But since I just made up my mind to do these reading goals, I decided to share it here :)

My 2016 Reading Goals:
  1. 100 books
    Just like last year. This is about 2 books a week. Still manageable for me :)
  2. 20.000 pages
    Again, just like last year. Also manageable.
  3. 30 paperbacks
    I purchased quite a lot of paperbacks last year and it's time for me to actually read them.
  4. 40 new authors
    I really enjoyed last year's NARC that I wanted to discover more new authors this year.
  5. 5 new series
    I love series. And there's a lot of them that I haven't read.
  6. 6 reviews in a month
    This is the hardest one for me. But I wanted to do it, either in my blog, Goodreads, or my book journal.
So that's it. A quite ambitios-yet-manageable reading goals for me. I hope I can achieve them this year :D


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