Looking Through 2017

This is a pretty long overdue post because it's already January 28th when I started to write this post. But I still wanted to share my favorite books/series of 2017 as well as my reading goals progress. So without further ado, here we go:

2017 Favorite Books/Series
Here are my 2017 favorite books/series with the order of when I read them:

1. Tere Liye - Tentang Kamu

This is the first Tere Liye's book that I've read and I fell in love with it almost immediately. I enjoy the writing style, the story, almost everything in this book. I love it so much and it is definitely one of my favorite books of all time. 

2. Matthew Quick - The Silver Linings Playbook

This is a book that taught me to have more empathy towards other people in my life. It taught me to go easy and more understanding with other people's issues. Just because I didn't experience it doesn't mean that it's not real. I like this book for being raw and honest about mental illness. It's definitely an eye opening book for me and I love it for that.

3. Melina Marchetta - Looking for Alibrandi

This is a re-read for me so it should not came as a surprise that I love this book. I've always loved this book for its honesty, its problems, as well as Josie's character development. 

4. Frances Hodgson Burnett - A Little Princess

I've always loved The Secret Garden by her but then I came across this book and I love it even more. I love the story, the character development, basically everything in this book. 
5. Paul Kalanithi - When Breath Becomes Air

There's no other book in this list that made me cry like When Breath Becomes Air. It's just so heartbreaking as well as uplifting. And I love this book for making me feel that way.
6. R.J. Palacio - Wonder

My love for this book was just beyond words. I love it, it makes my cry and laugh both individually or at the same time. It taught me to be kind to others and to see tragedy from different perspective. 
7. Naomi Novik - Uprooted

This is hands down one of the best fantasy book that I read last year. I love the world, the characters, the villains, basically everything in this book. It was so fascinating.
8. Beatrix Potter - The Beatrix Potter Collection Vol. Two

I basically enjoy both collections by her but this volume contains a lot of my personal favorite.

9. Patrick Ness - Monsters of Men

I love every book in this trilogy. They are all scary, fun, twisted, and hopeful, all at once. But to pick my favorite, I'd definitely choose Monsters of Men. So many things happened but I can't sense where the story would go. A very epic battle and story in my opinion.
10. Winna Efendi - One Little Thing Called Hope

I've always enjoyed Winna Efendi's writing style as well as characters. But this book definitely exceed my expectations and I just can't help to fall in love with it.

2017 Reading Goals

Last year, I made 6 reading goals that I posted here. Most of them are successful, but one of the isn't. You can see the details here, but I'm going to post the short version down below:
  1. Read 52 books: 85 books
  2. Read 40 new-to-me authors: 40 authors
  3. Read 25.000 pages: 25.010 pages
  4. Finish 6 series: 7 series
  5. Read 40 paperbacks that I already owned before 2017: 49 paperbacks
  6. Review 4 books/series per month: 0 books/series per month


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