February 2017 Book Haul & Wrap Up

So... another month has passed by and I barely post anything in this blog. Again. Sometimes an idea came to my mind. What if I just stop posting in this blog altogether? I honestly didn't have any strong relations with this blog, I barely write anything here for the past few months. But then again... it felt hard for me to do so. Sometimes I'd like to spend some time with my agenda, thinking what I'll do to make this blog better. Not bigger, because that's not my goal when I decided to make this blog, just better. Better looks, better contents, etc.

Well, I guess that's something that I had to think about in the future. But for now, I'll show you the books that I bought and finish last February. Here we go:

February 2017 Book Haul

Gift from Dewi

I bought 12 books and got 1 book from Dewi, my partner at BBISharetheLove event last month. That was... better from the previous months. I think. Here's the complete list of them:
  1. Enid Blyton - Kelas Dua di Malory Towers
  2. Aoyama Gosho - Detective Conan Movie: Quarter of Silence (First)
  3. Aoyama Gosho - Detective Conan Movie: Quarter of Silence (Last)
  4. Bobo 20 Cerita Detektif
  5. Bobo 20 Cerita Manis
  6. Fenny Wong - Galette
  7. Bey Tobing - Once Upon a Time in St. Petersburg
  8. Suarcani - Rule of Thirds
  9. Tere Liye - Kau, Aku, dan Sepucuk Angpau Merah
  10. Tere Liye - Negeri di Ujung Tanduk
  11. Tere Liye - Negeri Para Bedebah
  12. Tere Liye - Rindu
  13. Pramoedya Ananta Toer - Arok Dedes
So far, I've read 2 books from that list. Yup, the manga ones. I can't wait to get into some of the metropop books on that list and also Arok Dedes, my first Pramoedya books. But they have to wait until I finished some books from the past BBW events before I got another books from the same event NEXT MONTH! I can't wait for it!

February 2017 Wrap Up
I read 5 novels and 2 mangas last month. Normally I would count that as 'okay', except the fact that one of the books that I read was more than 600 pages. That was insane!


1. Aoyama Gosho - Detective Conan Movie: Quarter of Silence (First)
I liked the fact that this book is being published with colored pages. It's been a long time since I watch any of Conan's movie or even serial, so it felt a little bit nostalgic. There are some parts that I think will be better to be seen and heard, rather than read. Overall, a pretty enjoyable read for me. 4 out of 5 stars :)

2. Aoyama Gosho - Detective Conan Movie: Quarter of Silence (Last)
I liked the second part better than the first one, story-wise. Things started to unfold. What actually happened and who's the culprit in the story. And that is why I liked it better than the first part, 4.5 out of 5 stars :)


3. Seplia - Replay
This is the first book about mental illness that I intentionally purchased and read. I've been wanting to learn more about it and very curious to see how an Indonesian author will take this matter into her book. The first time I finished it, I felt that it was okay. I liked Nada's attitude toward her father. Not as an example or role model, but a very honest act from someone her age toward someone that she hated so much. It just felt natural. Overall, I gave this book 3 out of 5 stars because some things just bugging me and I can't exactly look past that to give this book a better rating.

4. Seplia - Insecure
This book... is very hard to read sometimes. Things are just so awful I had to stop and took a breathe every now and then. Character-wise, I didn't like Zee as much as I like Nada, though I love Sam much more than Ninno. Even though there are some hard moments in this book, I think the story is just 'okay', pretty much like Replay. And that's why I ended up giving this book 3 out of 5 stars.


5. Arleen A. - The Lady in Red
It is a very light and heartwarming book with a very great writing style. I really really enjoy Arleen's writing style because it's so descriptive yet didn't make me feel bored. The story itself is very simple, about love. The happy one as well as the sad ones. I didn't exactly relate to any of the character, though I didn't hate them either. My favorite part... I think the love story that happened between Betty and Robert. It's just so cute and sweet. So 4.5 out of 5 stars for this book :D

6. Annisa Ihsani - A untuk Amanda
Another book about mental illness, this time it's about depression. I... really liked Annisa's writing style as well as Amanda's sassy(?)ness. I hoped that's the correct adjective for her attitude and her point of view about the world and the people around her. Honestly, I've forgotten many parts about this book already by now. Which is weird because I remembered how much I enjoyed it and wanting to know how things will end up. I did give this book 4 out of 5 stars because... it was great even though I didn't love it that much.

7. Betty Smith - Sebatang Pohon Tumbuh di Brooklyn
I'm the kind of person who would read the prologue in a book very carefully. That's because I'm very curious about other people's thought of the book I'm going to read as well as being super careful not to get any spoilers about it. The prologue on this one.. is a very good one in my opinion. It sorts of tell you what will happen in this book as well as giving you a heads-up. This is not a very action-packed or even happy book. This book is about the lives of Franny and Nolan and their family. How they struggled to live, how 'unsafe' their neighborhood is. It's pretty boring from time to time but then we get to learn about 2 human being as they grew up from being children to teenagers. And that's not easy, definitely not. Even though I ended up giving this book 3 out of 5 stars, I think I'll always remember this book and the story within for the honesty and realistic parts in them.


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