Looking Through 2016

I didn't know how to post this appropriately. I simply wanted to show and count how many of my 2016 reading goals that I succeeded in doing, how many that I failed, and so on. Let's just begin, shall we?

  1. Reading 75 books
    I managed to read 82 books last year. It's lower than the previous year but I'm okay with it. I liked the fact that I lower my goal from 100 to 75 on September because it's the right decision for me. It put me off the stress for not achieving my own goal, as well as allowing me to absorb the story from the book that I read better.
  2. Read a total of 20.000 pages
    I read a total of 27.955 pages last year, more that what I thought I would accomplish. I am really really glad about it.
  3. Read 30 paperbacks that I already owned
    This is one of the few challenge where I'm not worried for not accomplishing because I ended up reading 48 paperbacks last year.
  4. Read 35 new-to-me author
    This is another goal that I lowered on September from 40 to 35. It turned out, I actually achieved my original goal by reading 40 new-to-me authors. It's a bit surprising but I like it nevertheless.
  5. Read 3 new series
    This is one of the goal that I failed to accomplish this year. It's...hard to be okay with it, because I'm just 1 series short. But I also realized how much I disliked being pushed to read something that I'm not in the mood for. Which is serial books. So yeah, I only managed to start and finish 2 series this year.
  6. Review 6 books/series in a month
    Just as I expected, I failed at this goal. Which is sad, but I'm perfectly fine with it. In total, I reviewed 29 books/series last year. That's almost 2.5 books/series per month. Way below my original goal.
So that's it. Stay tuned for my upcoming posts about my 2017 reading goals as well as my 2016 favorite books :D


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