2017 Reading Goals

Hi there! Today I'm going to post something that's very exciting for me, my 2017 reading goals.

My goals for this year is not so different from my goals last year. I'm just trying to take it easy, setting an achievable goal so I can be happy with myself at the end of the year. If I didn't succeed, that's okay. If I overachieved my goals, that's totally fine as well. So here we go:

My 2017 Reading Goals

  1. Read 52 books
    I'm lowering my reading goal from the previous year because I wanted to focus on some big chunky books that I had. It's time for me to read them and if they take some time, that's okay. I had plenty of time to catch up in the future.
  2. Read 40 new-to-me authors
    This is a pretty tricky challenge because it kept me looking for a new book from authors that I haven't read before. But looking at my bookshelf, I'm pretty sure this is an achievable number for me.
  3. Read 25.000 pages
    This could come as a weird goal, because I did lower the total books that I'm going to read this year. How is it possible to read more pages? Well, like I said earlier, I'm going after my big books so this shouldn't be a problem.
  4. Finish 6 series
    I know that I failed at this challenge last year. But it's a new year and I'm going for 1 series for every 2 months. That should be doable, right? Or maybe I'll just change this goal in the future. Either way, I'm going with it for now on.
  5. Read 40 paperbacks that I already owned before 2017
    I had a lot of books on my bookshelf, it's not even funny. I HAD to read them. So I'm setting this goal to make sure that those books (especially from 2015) is being read. If I didn't like them, I'll just unhaul them. That way, I got more space for new books :D
  6. Review 4 books/series per month
    This is yet another weird goal because I failed at it last month. But I seriously wanted to have more reviews in this blog because that's one of the reason why I made this blog. So 4 should be an achievable number, right?
There you go. Those are all of the goals that I'm hoping to achieve in 2017. There might be 2 additional posts about Children's Literature Reading Challenge (that I'm going to alter a bit) as well as a new reading challenge from BBI. So stay tuned for that :D


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