September Wrap Up

It just came to my attention that I haven't posted anything for this month. But seeing my writing schedule for the past months, I guess you could have guessed that, right? Unfortunately, it won't get better until next month, at least, because I had a pretty huge transition in my workplace soon. It terrified me and I think it will have a huge impact on my reading and writing schedule. What's left of it anyway.

September Wrap Up
I managed to finish 5 books last month. Not sure that I can say the same thing for my October Wrap Up next month because I barely read anything this month.

Books that I read:
  1. Huntley Fitzpatrick - My Life Next Door
    I really like the family dynamic in this book. It was complicated and heartwarming at the same time. After several pages, I feel like I can understand the main character POV and relate to her problems. There are some characters that I don't care about, some that I love, and also some that I despise. I really like how this book made me feel again. This is definitely the book that live up to my expectation, a heartwarming contemporary book that's perfect for summer. Or dry season in Indonesia :D 4.5/5 stars

  2. Charon - 3600 Detik
    I'm not sure why I pick this book up. By the time I finished reading this book, I felt like I have read this book in the past. Or something similar to it. There's just nothing new. A girl from a broken family met a sick boy and they grew to like each other. Things get better and then worse. Definitely a formula that I've seen before. 2/5 stars.

  3. George Orwell - Animal Farm
    This is a pretty interesting book. I wish I could read this book on a better time because there are a lot of things to think about. Unfortunately I didn't have the time or even friends to discuss this matter with. I really hope I can articulate the issues that I found in this book on my review sometimes soon. 3/5 stars.

  4. Winna Efendi - Remember When
    Another book that I pick out of the blue, another book that I felt like I've read before. This time it reminded me of Morning Light. Since I already enjoyed Winna Efendi's writing style, I gave this book a better rating than the previous book. 3/5 stars.

  5. Ika Natassa - Critical Eleven
    This is a pretty hard book for me to pick up. I started reading it a few weeks after I bought it because of the hype. I just can't deal with another over-hype book anymore after Gone Girl. This book... turned out to be okay. I can see why people cry and how it became people's favorite book from this author. I personally didn't hate the book even though I can't relate much to the characters in this book. What I love about this book is probably the soundtrack. It captured the feelings of the two main characters in this book perfectly and I just can't stop listening over and over again. 4.5/5 stars.


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